I have broken my key in the ignition, what should I do?

Contact our team immediately. We use specialised tools to extract the key. Occasionally we might have to take out the ignition, it is advised that you do not try this yourself. Once our qualified locksmiths have fixed the issue we can also make a new key and program it to your vehicle.

I have locked my keys in my boot. Can you help?

If you have accidentally locked your keys in the boot then do not worry, we can help with this situation. Our auto locksmiths can retrieve keys locked in your vehicle, while causing no damage.

I have locked my car keys in my car. Can you open the car without any damage?

Of course, no damage will come to your vehicle. We make sure of this by using the most recent technology. We can unlock your car within a short period.

I need a spare key. How do I get one?

Our services include providing spare keys. We can also produce spare key fobs which we then program to your car. With our 24 hour service, we can help you get a spare key at a time that suits you.

Why does my car key no longer unlock or start my vehicle?

There can be many reasons as to why a key is no longer working to its full capacity. Contact MS Auto Locksmith for further information and advice.  

I have lost the only original key to my car. Should I go to the car dealership, or can MS Auto Locksmith help?

Our customers don’t need to spend vast amounts of money at a car dealership. We can make new original keys at a guaranteed low price.

I have lost my car keys. What should I do now?

Our team can help you to enter the property in a non-destructive manner.

I have misplaced my car keys, what should I do?

If you contact MS Auto Locksmith then we can help to make a replacement duplicate. We use the most current technology, so this can be done on site.

I am using a friends car and have lost their key. Can you help?

We ask our customers to confirm their identities. We will only gain entry with the owner's consent.

How can I pay?

We accept most debit/ credit cards, we also accept cash payments.

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